The next AGM will be held on 7th February 2019 at 6pm at Oxford Brookes University (Gipsy Lane Campus). John Henry Brookes Building / Kennedy Room 308.

1. Minutes of last AGM
2. Chair’s report: OPuS activities 2017–18
3. Approval of the OPUS 2017 accounts
4. Re-election of the committee for 2018–19
5. Confirmation of the Chair & Vice Chair
6. Ratification of the new OPuS constitution
7. Invitation to members to join the committee
8. Any proposals received by the Secretary in advance of the AGM as set out in the constitution of OPuS.
9. Review of the membership subscription rates.
10. Any other business
11. Date of next AGM

Download the Chair's Report 2018-19 here

Download the annual Opus Accounts 2018 Update here

Please email for more details.